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This is information about some small projects that are not important enough to be on the home page.

Page Faster

A web application to help you improve the speed of your web pages Page Faster

Calc Here

A web site for sharing calculations. Calc Here

The Pepperpot Protocol

A computer security protocol for web application password handling. The Pepperpot Protocol

What Cloud Hosting

A small site dedicated to information about cloud hosting providers and cloud computing. What Cloud Hosting

How Many Miles From

A very simple site that calculates straight-line distances between UK post-codes or US zip codes. How Many Miles From

Secure Forum Software

A program developed to allow a business to run a simple web-based forum, for internal departmental discussions, protected by SSL/TLS, on their own server. Secure Forum Software.

Beginner's Guide to Computer Security

An understanding of computer security will help you use your computer in a safe and efficient manner and help protect you from viruses, spam and computer crime. Beginner's Guide to Computer Security.

How do CSS float left and clear left work?

These examples explore the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) float left and clear left properties. CSS float left and clear left.

ADSL connected server

This web site is served to you by a computer in the Millstream Software office. Installed and configured in 2004 to utilise the local telephone exchange ADSL provision this server also handles the office email and web browsing. Here are a few miscellaneous notes for the inquisitive and anyone considering a similar installation. Technical notes about this server.


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